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We are a company with over 30 years experience buying & selling furniture, tools, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, toys, household items, automobiles, sporting goods, etc. Over the years we have bought and sold just about anything you might imagine. In 2012 we were approached by a family member of an employee asking us to conduct an estate sale for a late Uncle. At that time we had never had an estate sale but we definitely had the knowhow. We decided to help with their estate sale. Setting up the house and displaying the things to be sold was a natural for us. We did that all of the time with our own merchandise. Pricing was just as easy for us. We had been pricing items just like the ones in the estate sale for the past 3 decades. In about a day we had completely prepared the house and priced everything. The family was amazed we were able to do that so quickly. I never realized setting up an estate sale was so similar to what we had been doing for so many years. We advertised the sale by placing classified ads in area newspapers. We posted the sale on Craigslist, face book and numerous websites that strictly promote estate sales like www.estatesales.net, www.estatesale.com, www.estatesales.org as well as others.

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