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Who is AtticSearch

We are a company with over 30 years experience buying & selling furniture, tools, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, toys, household items, automobiles, sporting goods, etc. Over the years we have bought and sold just about anything you might imagine.

In 2012 we were approached by a family member of an employee asking us to conduct an estate sale for a late Uncle. At that time we had never had an estate sale but we definitely had the knowhow. We decided to help with their estate sale.

Setting up the house and displaying the things to be sold was a natural for us. We did that all of the time with our own merchandise. Pricing was just as easy for us. We had been pricing items just like the ones in the estate sale for the past 3 decades. In about a day we had completely prepared the house and priced everything. The family was amazed we were able to do that so quickly. I never realized setting up an estate sale was so similar to what we had been doing for so many years. We advertised the sale by placing classified ads in area newspapers. We posted the sale on Craigslist, face book and numerous websites that strictly promote estate sales like,, as well as others.

The sale was scheduled to start at 9am on a Thursday morning. We had agreed all those helping with the sale should be there by 8:15 in advance of the 9am opening. I will never forget driving to the house that morning and making the turn down the block to the house where the sale would be held. There were cars parked on both sides of the road 3 blocks in either direction of the house. There was a crowd of people lined up at the front door. I was shocked. I had no idea we would draw so many people so early. Well I let the crowd know the doors would be opened at 9am sharp.

9 oclock came and the doors were opened…..people swarmed in gathering up items they wanted to buy. They were literally making piles of items. It was unbelievable. It reminded me of black Friday when stores sell popular merchandise for pennies on the dollar. Thing is we were not selling anything super cheap. We were getting good prices for those items. I fell in love with estate sales that day.

Throughout the 4 days of the estate sale I had several people ask how long we had been doing estate sales and how come they had never seen one of our sales before. Well that was easy to answer I would just say this is the first sale that we ever had. Some customers said it was the best estate sale they had ever been too. I asked people what they liked about our estate sale that day and here is what I found;

Items were tastefully displayed and the estate sale was clean and easy to shop.

They liked the way the items were priced. (We used our stores inventory control system and inventory all items in the estate and created barcode price tags that were then attached to each item).

They liked the fact that they got a receipt when they checked out.

They liked the customer service. People said we were professional and were nice. I thought that was funny. We are in business here we are suppose to be organized, professional and nice right?

During the sale I had 6 different customers ask about conducting an estate sale for them. I started passing out our companies’ information and booked 4 sales the very next week. We were officially in the estate sale business!

One more thing the executor of our very first estate sale was so happy with the outcome. We virtually emptied the house and garage with only a few low value items remaining. The sale total revenue was twice what they expected. What a wonderful experience.