Our Estate Sale Process

  1. Call and request a free consultation with one of our estate sale experts. During your initial consultation our company representative will ask you questions about your specific needs like when you want to have the sale, what you want to do with the items that remain after the sale, etc. Of course this is a time you may ask any questions you might have. At that time we will tour the property and identify which items will be offered at the estate sale. Based on the tour we will prepare a plan on conducting the sale including number of days the sale should be held, secure the dates the sale will be held, determine the commission rate we will charge, develop advertising and marketing plan, determine how long it will take to prepare your sale, determine how many people will be needed to properly prepare and conduct your sale, etc.
  2. Sign the contract…The sooner an agreement is made and the contract is signed the sooner we can post the sale and initiate the advertising for your sale. We typically like 30 days to promote your sale but can do it in as little as a week if needed. Your contract is a fairly simple and easy to understand 4 page documents. If you are ready to commit to have us do your estate sale we can execute a contract on our initial visit. There is never pressure we completely understand if you need additional time to decide or consult with others.
  3. Take Pictures…On our initial visit we will take lots and lots of pictures anticipating we will do your estate sale. The same day we receive the go ahead we will be able to post your online ads. The more pictures the better. Most of our sale we will post 300-600 photos. This is what draws a crowd. People are enticed to come to our sales because of all the pictures we post. These pictures and extremely important to a successful sale.
  4. Advertise your sale…We will post your sale to all top estate sale sites like www.estatesales.net, www.estatesales.org and others. We also use Twitter, face book, Craigslist and other popular websites. In most cases we run classified ads in area newspapers under the garage sale heading.
  5. On site preparations…Preparing your estate sale in advance of the sale is very important. We want to get the cabinets, closets, attic, etc emptied out and display all items where they can be easily viewed by the estate sale customers. Some items may need to be researched, cleaned, repaired, etc. All items will need to be properly priced. We want your home to look like a store with all items tastefully displayed and easily available to shoppers.
  6. Additional Marketing…In the days prior to your estate sales start date we will print signs with the homes address. If the law allows signs will be placed throughout the neighborhood and high traffic areas around the area. Mass emails will be sent to our customer list announcing your sale.
  7. Sale Days…We will arrive at the property well before the opening. We will setup our checkout area including cash registers, signage, etc. The register area may be inside the home, the garage or outdoors under tents we provide. We will provide what we feel is the proper number of helpers to operate your sale. At the end of each day the sales will be calculated and shared with you as requested.
  8. After the Sale…After the sale has completed we will need to tidy up. Our signs, cash register area, etc will be removed from the property the same day the sale ends. Depending on our agreement remaining items may need to be removed from the property. If that is the case our cleanup crew will arrive the night the sale is over or the next day in most cases.
  9. Settlement Made…The sale is complete now and it is time to settle up. You will be paid within 72 hours after the sale. In many cases you will be paid the day after the sale. Usually payment will be made in the form of a cashier’s check. You will also receive a report on what items were sold and for how much.
  10. After the sale you will be asked to fill out a report card on your experience. We strive to receive a high grade here. Throughout the estate sale process you will be in communication with the representative you initially met during your consultation. You will also have the phone number of the estate sale manager that is in charge of your sale. Furthermore you will have a personal contact within our corporate offices. We want you to feel like no matter your question, comment or concern someone will be there for you at all times.